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600 Prints 4" x 6" Photopaper & Ribbon (12 packs/ carton), the exclusive new generation dye-sublimation consumables, is designed to work perfectly with HiTi Photo Printer S420 Series.

This case includes 12 packs of 50 prints photopaper and ribbon, and total is 600 prints per case.

12 packs of 50 prints photopaper and ribbson (4x6)
50 sheets of photo paper (4x6) x 12
YMCO ribbon cartridge, capable of 50 prints x 12
Maximum printing size: 4" x 6"
Paper size: 4 x 7 inches with perforated edges
Weight: 0.4 kg
Compatible with HiTi Photo Printer P110 series
Optimal Storage Environment: temperature under 75°F (25°C), relative humidity between 40% and 60% RH, away from sunlight and dust.